Sphere Projection Work

While I am waiting for deliveries of resin and molds, I have been experimenting with compositions. Through using my laser cut acetate text and acetate shapes I used an overhead projector to manipulate and change compositions. 

I think the visuals with just the text forms are the most successful, as it focuses on the notion of the language, the shapes seem to by unnecessary at this point. 

Subliminal Typography Trials 

A) What is it you are looking for today?

B) Can I help you?

C) I need

D) Extra

These four visuals are my own response to the subliminal images previously uploaded. 

The image with the most potential is D but I think further thought needs to go into what imagery I would use and why. 

A and B also have potential but I think I find the ideas they’re portraying more successful than the visual. This notion of the subliminal language covered by the consumer sales language, manipulating the consumer.